Last blog

Blogging this year was fun!! I never new how to blog until we started this year, I also never knew about symbaloo and word press.. I had a fun time blogging I always looked forwards for this class because it was so much better than working with a pencil and paper. I had a little hard of a time trying to figure  out what to blog about. I learnt a lot about blogging websites and the internet. Another thing I liked about blogging we didn’t have to learn about trees like the other class. Blogging was fun!


New years

This year on new years Hanna and I sat at home drank pop and watched Netflix. My favourite movies that we watched were all the High School Musical movies and Footloose. When it turned 12:00 me and Hanna went outside to watch the fireworks that my dad set off. Later that night we made chocolate chip cookies and shared them with our families. It was a fun new years.



Dance is my favorite thing to do, we are getting close  to competitions only 2 more weeks until the first competition of the year. Last year at our competition I got a scholarship and an award for my tap solo. The scholarship paid for the whole Lanigan dance camp, this picture is from the first year I went to Lanigan, I have went to the camp 2 times. Last year I did 3 solos tap, jazz and hip hop, I did the best in my tap solo


My first post.

My name is Rylan. I am in grade 8. My favourite things to do is dance and  play volleyball. This year I played on the Cobras. My favourite places to eat is Mc Donalds,Tims and Star Bucks.  I have seven kids in my family three boys and four girls. My brothers are 5,7 and 17. My sisters are 9,11,12 and I am 13.  I love nuggets. My best friends are Jordan, Megan, Lizzy, Reese and Kenzie. #GoWings. The best way for me to learn is to do hands on work, because I wouldn’t zone out because I’m keeping busy. I like using digital networks because it is more fun than doing work sheets and reading.